Nicholson Ranch

This was the second stop on my wine tour from SF. Located in Sonoma, this vineyard is a stunner for sure. The views from Estate are just breathtaking and are alone worth stopping for.

I honestly didn’t get the warmest feeling at this place at first but I was with a large tour group that was an eager bunch. However, the sommelier was knowledgeable and seemed passionate about the history of the brand.

We tasted two wines the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir. They pride themselves in that their grapes are grown naturally and sustainably, this was clear when tasting their wines. Nicholson Ranch also is only sold at the vineyard or online, so make sure to grab it when you visit!

My favorites:

2011 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay: The 2011 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is reminiscent of a spring wildflower meadow – floral aromas mingling with sunshine, cool fresh air and green grass. The blend of floral and fruit aromas combined with a creamy texture served in a cool glass deliver a comforting wine. Citrus and orchard fruit aromas blend with vanilla and hints of clove and nutmeg. The aromas of orange zest accentuate the peach and nectarine flavors in the wine. Rounding out the flavors are the taste of vanilla crème custard with a sprinkle of toasted walnuts. The texture of this Chardonnay is creamy with good structure on the finish.

2011 Pinot Noir Sonoma Valley Estate: Summer of 2011 experienced an extended cool season resulting in a late harvest at the end of September. Fruit flavors developed nicely in the berries with the benefit of extended hang-time in the vineyard. 2011 Sonoma Valley Estate Pinot Noir The Estate Pinot Noir – the first release from the 2011 harvest has aromas of fruit, tea and spice. Bright cherry and cranberry aromas mingle with vanilla and cinnamon and the seductive scent of hibiscus. The fruit flavors are of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and boysenberry. Displaying a well balanced acidity and a slight touch of tannins this wine tastes delicious now and I expect the 2011 Estate Pinot to get denser with time integrating the berry flavors with a smooth silky texture.

Visiting & Tasting:

Vintner’s Tasting – $15
Wine Makers Tasting – $25

Visit their website for more details on tastings and tours.

Sum it up:

  1. High-quality wine
  2. Gorgeous views of Sonoma
  3. Only sold at vineyard or online


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