Domaine Chandon

We drove up to Domaine Chandon on a perfect Sunday morning excited to have some bubbly to start my day. Going into Chandon I was expecting a bunch of  snobs but surprisingly it was the complete opposite. The staff was awesome and super relaxed!

I went with my best friend, Amanda, and we decided to each get a tasting. Each tasting flute had a heavy pour. The staff suggested enjoying each tasting and walk around the grounds and come back when we are ready for our second and third. We didn’t feel stuck to the tasting bar like some wineries. We could enjoy Chandon while enjoying the beautiful outdoor space overlooking it’s vineyard.

My favorites:

Chandon étoile Rosé: The wine is elegant and restrained with fresh aromas of plum, raspberry and nutmeg. These aromas follow through on the palate and are layered with subtle and delicate flavors of cocoa powder. The wine finishes with excellent length and richness.

Vintage Mt. Veeder Brut 2011: The nose leads with pleasing aromas of candied lemon, baked apple, and gingerbread. The vibrant palate is bursting with a bright crispness, balanced by creaminess and ending with clean finish typical of its Brut style.

Visiting & Tasting:

No need to reserve if you have less than 10 people! 

Classic Tasting – 4 sparking wines – $20
Vintage Tasting – 3 sparking wines – $25
Prestige Tasting – 3 sparking wines – $25

Sum it up:

  1. Enjoy the grounds between each tasting
  2. Heavy pours
  3. You get to keep tasting glass

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