Robert Mondavi Winery

After lunch in Yountville at R + D Kitchen my friend and I were looking to stop at one more winery close by. Robert Mondavi was a brand she recognized and drank often. Driving up to the winery was very grandiose. The winery has these larger-than-life statues from artist Beniamino Bufano. Let’s say there was a lot going on. It was strange the very modern art yet old Spanish style architecture however it does make an impact.

We were greeted by a man asking if we were looking to take a tour or do a tasting, we were open to either. We hopped on the next “Discovery and Tasting Tour” where you get a quick 30 minute tour of the ground while tasting two wines for $20.

The tour was quick, sweet and to the point, however I didn’t care for tour guide as she was quite snappy with the visitors. The wines were okay, I wasn’t overly excited but I only had the two lowest tiered wines. I would try the exclusive wines and I do want to try the 2013 Robert Mondavi Winery Maestro Red Blend Napa Valley.

2 wines from tour:

2014 ROBERT MONDAVI WINERY FUMÉ BLANC NAPA VALLEYPair with roasted trout with potatoes and thyme or grilled vegetable pasta. Zesty lemon, lime and orange citrus, fragrant peach, and fresh minerality.

Dark fruits of black cherry, plum and blackberry are layered seamlessly with sweet spice, herbal, dark earth and a touch of sweet tobacco, with silky tannins and long finish.

Visiting & Tasting:

Walk-in Tastings:

No reservation required.

Priced from $5 to $30 depending on your choice of wines.

Wine Tasting Basics: 

Learn how to read wine labels, why we swirl wine in the glass, and how to smell, taste, and describe wine. Reservations required.

$20 per person | 45 minutes

 Sum it up:

  1. Eye catching art/architecture
  2. Cheap tours
  3. Get exclusive wines (Flume Blanc can be bought anywhere)

*yes I am drinking water it was 100 degrees that day!


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