Mumm Napa

I was with two girlfriends who are in the Air Force and suggested we visit Mumm because they are great to the military and it is their favorite sparkling wine. This was my first time drinking Mumm.

When we arrived at Mumm it was a bit crowded but it was a Saturday at 1:30 pm. We waited about 15 minutes for a table, once we sat down we were greeted quickly by our server. She was energetic and was very excited to get us tasting. She was kind enough to suggest us 3 girls splitting two tastings. This was cool because this was before she knew they were in the military and the tastings would be free. She wasn’t pushy and let us sit back relax and enjoy each sparkling wine. She gave us an overview of each of the wines and a bit on the history of the brand. What I found most enjoyable is the noticeable difference in all the wines I tasted. Each were so well crafted and delicious. It was a great experience and I plan on going back early November.

My Favorites:

Brut Reserve Rosé: a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with a small amount of red wine added to enhance color, body and flavor. A lovely, all-purpose sparkling wine that looks beautiful in the glass, this wine provides a fine accompaniment to a wide range of foods and makes a unique gift.

Brut Reserve Rosé displays fresh, fragrant strawberry jam and dark plum aromas. Creamy and impressively dense on the palate, its bright red fruit flavors pick up a pleasing dash of spice in the long, crisp finish.

Demi-Sec: Meaning “half-dry” in French, this semi-sweet sparkling wine is very soft and subtle with a light and fresh style.

Mumm Napa Demi-Sec is a deliciously light, fresh and fruity wine with a delightful pale straw color, edged with a hint of yellow-green. The rich aromas are predominantly citrus with a faint touch of caramel in the background. This wine is rich, full and lush on the entry with orange blossom, citrus fruits and cantaloupe on the palate. The finish is long, dominated by white chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Visiting & Tasting:

No reservation required for tastings with less than 6.
Priced from $25-30 for flights

Free for Military!! 

Sum it up:

  1. All sparking wines are very different and high quality
  2. Full glass pours
  3. Worth the wait!!

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