Coping with wine overload 

I often find myself in a grocery store feeling flustered with the amount of wine choices. Many times I have left or just went with what I am used to simply because it felt like choosing something else is too daunting. By the end of choosing a new wine I felt as though I should grab another bottle simply because the stress from choosing a wine has driven me to drink more.

I have found it necessary to take a step back, breathe and follow these steps when choosing wine.

  1. Are you eating with the wine or are you just leisurely drinking? If you are eating that changes the game a bit, you want to think of what type of food you are eating. If it’s red meat get a bold tannic red (cab or chanti) if it is a light meat get a Pinot Noir or if it’s heavy fish go with chardonnay or a light fish try sparkling. I could go on a bit more but listen you gotta keep it simple (don’t over think it). Check out Wine Folly to get a quick reference of pairing.
  2. Just leisurely drinking, think about what you like or are in the mood for. That simple! Do you like white’s or red’s, sweet or dry. That will quickly narrow down the selection.
  3. Price matters! Let’s be franc. It’s just like a liquor store they put the higher price wines eye level and above and then the lower below the waist so you have to lay on the ground to read prices. Are you drinking alone then maybe check out the lower cost wines or if you are trying to impress go mid-high self. Totally your call!
  4. Try something new or somewhere new! Don’t just head to where you are comfortable in the aisle. Try something based off the tops steps and maybe if you always go for Cabernet from California switch up the region and try a Malbec from Argentina. It’s like traveling to a new place and learning a little of their culture when trying a wine from a different country.
  5. If all else fails download an app! The Wine Spectator app which has a comprehensive database of wine ratings organized by price points and varietals

Feel free to comment if you have any other helpful suggestions!!

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