Wines That Enhance Your Thanksgiving Dinner

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches and your are buying all your groceries to start prepping your dinner don’t forget about a key element to the feast. WINE!

Below are some great wines that pair nicely with Thanksgiving cuisine.


Cause let’s all be honest the bird makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving.

Baked turkey:

Pinot Noir –  characterized by their delightfully vibrant palette of juicy red and black cherry and berry fruit. This liveliness and juiciness will enliven and enhance the succulence of your baked turkey.

Gamay –  is a light-bodied red wine that’s similar in taste to Pinot Noir and very affordable.

Smoked Turkey:

Red Zinfindel (Also Happy Zinfindel Day!!) – the flavors of raspberry and sweet tobacco are an ideal match for rich darker or smoked turkey meat.

Syrah– Syrah should smell like a more peppery version of the holiday feast – warm spice, roasted meat thus being a great match for a smoked turkey.

Dry Turkey:

Sparkling Shiraz – beautiful sparkling red color that will not only juice up that dry turkey but looks great with it as well! Very festive!

Lambrusco – Very light and would go well with dry poultry. Lightly carbonated, not sweet and not acidic.

Fried Turkey:

Sparkling/Champagne – fried turkey is amazingly delish but will not pair well with the typically turkey wine. It needs something with high acidity to cut the fat and salt!

Side Dishes (my favorite part)

Forget the turkey for me bring on the stuffing and mashed tators.

Chardonnay – the buttery and creaminess of a Chardonnay yearns for mashed potatoes and gravy and that deliscious stuffing. When making your stuffing try adding some Chardonnay in the recipe (game changer).

Pies and desserts:

Riesling – The acidity in Riesling brings out the delicious baked flavors in apple pie. Riesling can even have notes of petroleum, complimenting the flavor of the flaky crust.

Port – look for a port wine with nutty character and creamy, caramel profile to help cut the spices in pumpkin pie. For pecan pie  go for a lighter-bodied port  with plenty of fruit and nutty nuances to bring out another side of the pecan pie.

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