Sutter Home Vineyard

I think everyone’s first thought when they think of Sutterhome is I’ve seen that wine in a gas station or drank it when I turned 21 and was broke.

Well remember just because they have affordable wine doesn’t mean it’s all cheap tasting. They are a part of the Trinchero Family which owns most of Napa! They can afford to mass produce and sell for cheap.

To be honest I don’t care for most of Sutterhome wine in the store. But there was two that I enjoyed.

My Favorites:

Reserve White Zinfandel: ($12) Aromas of fresh strawberries and melon and flavors of strawberries. Try with Thai or Latin food!

Triple Cream Sherry:($12) Flavors of nutmeg and sweet orange peel. Try over ice cream! That might be a game changer.


No need for a reservation. This is a great place to stop grab a free tasting and parouze their store as you head to another winery all along

Complimentary tastings!!!!

4 wines off their tasting menu.

Sum it up:

  1. Cheap wines
  2. A few gems
  3. Free tastings!!!!

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