GOT wines for Season 7?

I don’t think there was a person I spoke with this past week that didn’t mention something about how excited they are for the new season of Game of Thrones (GOT). Everyone I know will be tuning in to watch on HBO at 9 pm tonight. If you don’t have HBO, better subscribe (we just did today).

Whether you are hosting a view party, going to one or just simply watching it alone, you will need something to drink to ease the season 7 jitters. I have compiled a list of wines you should drink according to your favorite Great House of Westeros:

GOT Wines

House Targaryen: 

Girl & Dragon

Dragon’s Tooth

Snap Dragon 

House Stark:

Kenwood Jack London 

Wolf’s Head

House Baratheon:

Stag’s Leap 

House Tyrell:

Tyrrell’s Wines

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

Tarima Hill

House Lannister:

Chasing Lions

Panilonco Merlot Malbec Reserva

Lion Red Beer

House GreyJoy:

Eight Arms Cellars

Kraken Spiced Rum

Black Ink Red Wine

House Tully:

Trout Slayer 

Flying Fish

House of Mormont: 

Toasted Head

Haraszthy Family Cellars

House of Arryn: 

Screaming Eagle Cabernet

House of Martell:

Mirassou Wines 

House of Frey:

Castle Rock Wine

House of Baelish:

Crow Canyon

Dancing Crow Vineyards

Or you could decide to get the Game of Thrones wine that winemaker Bob Cabral has beautifully crafted.

Enjoy the show tonight everyone!



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