Domaine Carneros

I have driven past Domaine Carneros while passing through Sonoma into Napa SO many times and always told myself I need to make a visit. The estate is absolutely stunning and I love sparkling wine so I am not sure what took so long but I finally made it!

We made reservations for a party of 2 and it is highly suggested, seems like the staff very much prefers it and this place can get very crowded. The wines offered are two varieties, sparkling wine and still Pinot Noir. My friend and I didn’t do a tasting we decided to just get a glass since we had already done 1 tasting that day and had 2 more after.


“In water one sees one’s own face, but in wine one beholds the heart of another.” 

-French Proverb

Visiting & Tasting:

Tastings are available daily 10am-5:30pm.
Reservations are required
and can be booked up until 5pm on the day of your arrival.
Their tastings start at $30 and go up to $40
They have 4 options:
Sparkling Wine Sampler
Red Wine Sampler
Chateau Sampler
Grande Tasting
They have cheese plates and caviar as an add on if your trying to get real fancy.
I tried two wines:
2012 Estate Brut Cuvée- $35- Aromatic notes of fresh flowers, lychee, white peach and pear make this wine irresistible. The delicate nose belies the round, full palate and exceptionally creamy finish.
The Famous Gate Pinot Nior- $80- Aromas of anise, savory herbs, black tea, and hot brick. On the palate, we find sweet cherry and cocoa powder enriched by layers of pomegranate, grilled fig, and a wisp of cigar smoke.

“Champagne is a wonderful wine: one sometimes drinks too much, but never enough.”

Archbishop of Reims (1890)

To Sum It Up: 

  1. Prettiest Estate I have visited
  2. Highest quality sparking wines
  3. Expensive!

One thought on “Domaine Carneros

  1. One of my finest Napa-Sonoma memories was our visit here. We arrived late in the afternoon when the sky was cerulean blue and the fields were lit with a golden sun. Relaxing there on the terrace in the shade of that gorgeous building, we discovered a sparkling wine we loved. And one that has graced our table on many occasions since that visit a decade ago.

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