DIY: Cork Stamps

Since I drink wine almost every night lately. I have a ton of corks starting to overflow in a jar. The other day I was shopping at Michaels and I was looking to buy lettered stamps. I was surprised at the cost of the stamps so I held off. I decided to take my stamp search to the internet. Thus coming across a video on how to make stamps out of corks that led me to make my own!

Materials: Corks, dark permanent marker, box cutter and ink.

  1. Chug a bottle of wine so you have a cork to use. Or if you have a stash like me gather a few that have a smooth non-punctured side.Corks .jpg
  2. Grab a box cutter or something that has a thin sharp edge (Swiss army knife would work).
  3. Draw with a permanent marker what shape you would like to carve out on the top of the non-punctured side of the cork.
  4. Take your cutter and start carving away (I found it was easiest if I cut first around the edge of the cork to create a deep enough difference between the shape and the rest of the cork around. The cork is squishy so make sure you cut deep enough around the shape so that when you push down it doesn’t just become a blob.W wine cork.jpg
  5. Once you are happy with your stamp shape – apply any color ink you choose and press on a piece of paper.
  6. Drink a few more bottles, gather the corks and continue stamping!

Wine Corks Final

(Not perfect but they have some character and charm)


-Happens for a Riesling

Nailed it: Wine polishes 

I was looking down while typing at work and started thinking, I very much need to take the time to paint my nails tonight. I was thinking of what color I would want to go with and given that Fall is approaching and as a true basic betch that I am (I LOVE FALL). Maybe i’ll get a darker color. Then thought WINE NOT get a wine color. Thus leading me to finding beautiful shades of wine colored/named nail polishes online. (Pictured above is Essie Bordeaux)

OPI – Malaga Wine -$10

transparent-pixel._V192234675_OPI Nail Polish, Malaga Wine, 0.5 fl. oz.

ESSIE – Bordeaux – $9

Bordeaux - Deep Red Wine - Oxblood Red Nail Polish by Essie


Zoya – Shop by WINE (A whole page dedicated for all shades of red wine)- Each cost $10

Zoya Nail Polish ZP458  Blair  Red Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish






ORLY – Crawford’s Wine – $8.50




Sally Hansen – Wine Not – $6.59

Necklaces that will bring wine closer to your heart

Today I stumbled across the cutest wine necklace on Pinterest. It is a little rose gold wine molecule! How freaking cute right? For all those science nerds and wine buff’s this necklace is a perfect gift! (See pic and link to buy below).

This led me to search for other necklaces for those wine lovers out there who want to bring even closer to their heart on a daily basis. (Get it since it, since it would be around their neck) Okay I will keep my day job.

Prices and link to purchase below each picture!

Wine Molecule Comes in a variety of metals. $14.80 on Amazon
Pour yourself a glass -Sterling Silver (.095) and comes in a variety of lengths. Starting at $48 on Etsy
Corkscrew 14k Rose Gold $85 at Vinepair
“Look Ma no hands” wine holder Only in black. $6.99 at Amazon
Love Wine Pendent Comes in silver and gold. Silver is $56 at ShineOn
Moonlight Grapes Pendent Comes in different metals, sizes and prices will varies great depending. $495 GST from Georg Jensen


Pop Bottles – Comes with 3 charm options Antique plated silver charm Sterling silver necklace $27.99 on Etsy
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.41.59 PM
Celebration Time Dangle Charm Sterling Silver charm (necklace sold separate) $50 at Pandora
Make magic champagne long pendant gold and rose gold plated metal with glass and epoxy stone $104 at Kate Spade


Everything’s sweeter in the South

My sister-in-law, a Maryland native but North Carolina transplant, has has made me proud lately visiting all the wineries in her local area.

Call me naive but I had no idea they had wineries down in North and South Carolina, but she has proven me very wrong and to be honest she is making me slightly jealous with the sweet wines and the southern charm these wineries have.

The winery I am talking about today is

Duplin Winery

The grape of the Carolina’s and is in all Duplin’s wine and is the Muscadine. It’s most productive in a warm and  humid climate, which is why it thrives in the hot sticky south.

Muscadine is a true American grape and  it dates back to the 16th century. It’s used to make dry and port style wine but winemakers most times add sugar when producing. One could imagine this is just the southern way of doing things. Sweeter then better.

Duplin winery is the largest and oldest winery in the south. It dates back to the 1970’s when it was a collective family effort to produce this backyard wine from the muscadine grapes. Each harvest the whole family was there to pick, stomp and bottle. They have two locations to visit one in Rose Hill, NC and one in North Myrtle, SC.

Their wines range in color and sweetness levels. However, I would be safe to assume most all are considered sweet. But it also just depends how sweet is sweet to you. The muscadine can be all variations of white and red and is common to see blush as well. All the Duplin wines also vary in price but the majority are under $15.

Now get this!!!! The $10.00 tasting allows you to sample up to 10 wines on the tasting sheet and gourmet crackers and dip. Plus, you get to keep your Duplin wine glass and have a serving of wine afterwards from the tasting sheet. You do not find this in Napa!!!!

I am not stopping until I tell you about their Sweetzer. My sister-in-law makes these look sooooo good. They are mixes to add to their wines to make a delicious frozen wine conction. They range from Peach Belini pictured here to Chocotini!

These were before Frozé and honestly they might be cooler. You buy the mix for $9.99 and pair it with a bottle of their wine (they have suggested pairings). You can also try the different ones at the wineries. This is perfect for the southern heat!

I cannot wait to visit the Carolina’s soon and I’ll be making a mad dash to Duplin Winery when I arrive!  Stay tuned for more guest star appearances from non-California wineries. Switching it up a bit!

GOT wines for Season 7?

I don’t think there was a person I spoke with this past week that didn’t mention something about how excited they are for the new season of Game of Thrones (GOT). Everyone I know will be tuning in to watch on HBO at 9 pm tonight. If you don’t have HBO, better subscribe (we just did today).

Whether you are hosting a view party, going to one or just simply watching it alone, you will need something to drink to ease the season 7 jitters. I have compiled a list of wines you should drink according to your favorite Great House of Westeros:

GOT Wines

House Targaryen: 

Girl & Dragon

Dragon’s Tooth

Snap Dragon 

House Stark:

Kenwood Jack London 

Wolf’s Head

House Baratheon:

Stag’s Leap 

House Tyrell:

Tyrrell’s Wines

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

Tarima Hill

House Lannister:

Chasing Lions

Panilonco Merlot Malbec Reserva

Lion Red Beer

House GreyJoy:

Eight Arms Cellars

Kraken Spiced Rum

Black Ink Red Wine

House Tully:

Trout Slayer 

Flying Fish

House of Mormont: 

Toasted Head

Haraszthy Family Cellars

House of Arryn: 

Screaming Eagle Cabernet

House of Martell:

Mirassou Wines 

House of Frey:

Castle Rock Wine

House of Baelish:

Crow Canyon

Dancing Crow Vineyards

Or you could decide to get the Game of Thrones wine that winemaker Bob Cabral has beautifully crafted.

Enjoy the show tonight everyone!



“Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilization and the art of living.”

Robert Mondavi said it best, “Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilization and the art of living.” Winemakers are artists for sure and I truly appreciate when a winemaker appreciates and displays other artists work.

The following list are a few wineries/vineyards that show appreciation to artists by displaying their art for visitors to enjoy:

Markham Vineyards: 

Displays the art by Harold and Peggy Francis.

Image result for markham vineyard art

“Harold’s art drawing inspiration from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms and his vivid imagination, Harold uses an intricate technique of layering color, shape and texture. As he paints new patterns and images emerge drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into his creations.

“Animals Among Us” series by artist, Peggy Francis, honors animals that are integral to our Napa Valley lifestyle. Farm life is deeply rooted in Peggy’s southern childhood, images are recalled from her Mammaw’s chickens, pigs, and milk cow and the cattle and horses on her family farm. These contemporary paintings of the farm animals among us speak to our collective longing for the gentler pace of agrarian life we experience in the Napa Valley.”

Artist website:

Vineyard Website:

Mumm Napa:

Image result for mumm napa photography gallery

Mumm has photography on display from Ansel Adams and Wayne Levin. Adams’ twenty-seven gelatin silver prints includes many of his most famous photographs. Levin’s photographs made beneath the surface of the waves have captivated viewers for decades.


The Hess Collection:

Image result for the hess collection art

“Donald Hess began collecting art in 1966. Today, The Hess Collection houses less than a quarter of a collection that is shown in museums worldwide. His collecting style is a personal endeavor driven by passion rather than monetary investment or current trends. He develops a close dialogue with an artist to better understand what drives him or her to create and he carefully limits his focus as a collector to 20 living artists whose work he faithfully supports long term. As is evident by the caliber of the collection, he collects with the uncanny ability to acquire works by lesser known artists who often go on to become well known and respected in their disciplines. His typical commitment to an artist spans decades and various stages of his career.”

Here are a few artists in his collection to check out:

Franz Gertsch
Robert Motherwell
Anselm Kiefer
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Leopoldo Maler
Francis Bacon
Gerhard Richter


Jamieson Ranch Vineyards:

Image result for jamieson ranch art

Upon approaching Jamieson Ranch you can very clearly see from the road the loud colorful graffiti-esk mural. I loved how they had a rustic feel and then added this urban pop. Contributing artists include popular SF Bay Area urban muralists Ricky Watts, Meagan Spendlove, “Griffin One” and Chris Jehly; self-taught Los Angeles artists “Duce” and “Haste” and ubiquitous graffiti specialist “Quake,” who is bringing his style from New York City.


Hall Wines:

Image result for hall wines art

“Avid lifelong art collectors, Craig and Kathryn Hall are delighted to invite guests to enjoy expressive art and world-class wines. HALL St. Helena and HALL Rutherford feature select works that are sure to inspire the senses. Featuring some of the most internationally acclaimed artists today, such as John Baldessari, Jim Campbell, Nick Cave, Jaume Plensa, guests will be guided through the collection, while tasting some of HALL’s amazing wines.”


Seven Stones Winery:

Image result for seven stones winery art

“Beginning in the mid-1980s, Ron Wornick, an accomplished woodworker in his own right, along with his wife Anita, began actively collecting master artisan pieces made from wood, ceramics, glass, fiber, and metal. Within 20 years, the Wornicks had created one of the premier contemporary craft collections in the world. The collection has been on view at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, American Craft Museum in New York, the Oakland Museum of California, and the McAllen Museum in South Texas.”


Please let me know if you have any other great wineries you know of that have awesome art displays!! (Pictures are not by me)

@happensforariesling or